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In our comfortable, rustic rooms are served with Portuguese specialties from the charcoal grill. Dine and enjoy the soup from grandma's soup, crispy chicken on a charcoal grill, oven Portuguese skewers, grilled lamb, delicious made of cast iron pans - prepared in accordance with international recipes, with spicy sauces and fresh salads from the salad bar.

Your Team from Brathähnchenfarm

Radica Albrecht
Brathähnchenfarm e.K.
Hotel * Restaurant * Tagungsstätte
Im Ohl 1
36396 Steinau an der Straße

Telefon: 0 66 63 / 2 28
Telefax: 0 66 63 / 15 79
EMail: info@brathaehnchenfarm.de
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